Download the POS Manual (pdf)   (364 pages - 9.2 megs - January 01, 2012)

Upgrade Installation Instructions for Version 12 - New Routines Required

New 55 Button Invoicing Screen

Cell Phone Billing

Exploding Invoicing Grid

Texting Use Manual

Using the New Features in Version 9

Customer Loyalty Use Manual (pdf)

Secondary Customer Display Manual (pdf)

Hand Held Manual (pdf)

Auto-Backup Manual (pdf)

Time Clock Manual (pdf)

Shopping Cart Interface Manual (pdf)

Synchronizer Manual (pdf)

SQL-Multi-Store Manual (pdf)

PA-DSS Implementation Guide (Mercury)

PA-DSS Implementation Guide (pcCharge)

Using the Check Writing Feature

Also remember we have many online videos showing many of the setup and uses of different features found within the POS. 

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