We have just released a new Version 14 of our World Famous Point of Sale, Rocket Point of Sale, that will allow you to send bulk text messages directly to your customer's cell phone.

You will be able to send to unlimited groups, designed by you, text to individuals, customers with customer accounts and just those customers interested in your messages. You will also be able to send text messages to those customers that purchased certain items and many more cool features.

Each customer can be in as many group types as you want.

You can send text messages with links to your web pages, as well as images and coupons. These coupons can then be scanned at the Point of Sale for a discounted price. A great traffic stimulator.

You can also text your customers with their Loyalty Rewards Points balances.

To learn more about texting and how it will increase your business, read this independent White Paper on how and why. White Paper

Please NOTE: Our new version also has a completely new email functionality built in that matches the screens below. So now you can Email or Text your customers with the same easy screens.

How to Collect Your Customers Data - People often ask how they can build up their cell phone numbers and emails? As you start an order, you by default, can have a screen pop open for your clerks to ask for the customer's cell number and/or their email address. Another way we found convenient to do this is have pads printed with your store information and a box on the form for the customer's name, cell number and email address. You can promote this as a contest and have the customer fill out one of the sheets on the pad. Have the pads laying around your store with pen's attached. During your clerk's down time, they can enter the information into the Point of Sale. Very effective way to build up your marketing.

Some Screen Shots and How They Work

Below is the Main Menu for the Texting System

You setup and establish Groups in the below screen - you can also add Item(s) as a Group - Let's say you sell infant car seats - there is a recall on the seat - set that item up as a group and then any customer that has purchased that item - you could send a text message to. The EVERYONE group is setup as a default group on all cell phone users.

You will also be able to Attach a Texting Group to any Inventory Item so when this item is sold, if this person accepts texting, It will be added to his groups. Lets say you sell the world famous Widgets, so you create a Texting Group call Widgets. Then you go into your Inventory and find the Widget, in the lower part of the Type page you can now add a group to an item. You can also access the below screen from the same area. If this Widget is sold to a customer accepting text messages, it is added to his group list, so you may at anytime text all people with the group of Widget.

At this time there is over a 100 cell phone carriers in the US. 95% of the cell phone users are in the top 7 carrier companies. We have set as a default the top 7 companies. You may override any of these buttons if you have a local cell phone carrier with a lot of customers in your area that may be using that carrier.

The below screen is where you set your settings to make the Point of Sale send out the text messages. There is a Welcome Test text that is sent to new customers at the cashier station, if you desire and also you can limit how often a customer gets a text. You can setup your own phone as a test cell number to receive the a test send out to make sure your settings are correct. You can also automatically include your company name in all your text messages.

The next few screens are your Send options. Some features are common to all Send pages; The Analyze Credit Use will calculate how many text messages you are about to send out. The actual text message you are about to send, there is a limit of 160 characters (set by the phone companies) of text you can send to any cell phone. You can include links so when cell phone users get your message, they can click on the link on their phone and be taken to a page on your website. You can have your specials on these pages as well as coupons that can be scanned straight off of the cell phone at the Point of Sale. You can also have a summay report printed at the time of sending the cell. Also a summary history record is made of every cell Send that can be printed later.

Please NOTE: Our new version also has a completely new email functionality built in that matches the screens above and below. So now you can Email or Text your customers with the same easy screens.

Using the screen below, click the groups you want to send, type your message, click Send Text Message.

Send a Thank You or any other special text to new customers.

Get those big spenders back in the store using the page below

Send specials to the below page. If they are not coming into your store, they are not spending money.

If you have a certain item that was purchased by certain customers and maybe you didn't set up a permanent group for it, use the below screen to get your message out.

The below screen allows you to quickly pick certain customers you want to get a text message to. Customers are selected from the customer search screen and can be added quickly to this list. If you accidentally add a person to the list, just click the Delete box next to their name.

If you are using our Loyalty system, get the message out to those people that have built up points and they need to come in and use the points.

A new tab has been added to our customer screen - Adding Groups and adding Cell Carrier Companies is very easy to do from this screen,

A couple of clicks and a new group(s) is added to this customer

Quick and easy to select the Carrier your customer uses for his or her cell service. If not sure of the exact service, select the ones that the customer "Thinks" it might be and the Texting Service built into the Point of Sale will figure it out and delete the service your customer is NOT using.

The below screen is what pops open at the beginning of a sale. The first thing you will do is ask the customer if he would like to be on your Texting list so he or she may get your specials, etc.

Of course some customers do not like to give out their cell number so just click the Not Interested button and go directly into the Invoicing screen. If an established customer decides he wants to be off your texting list, this is one of the places this customer can be removed from your list of customers receiving texts.

In the screen below, a customer was found and this customer was not sure of his carrier so we picked the top three. After the first text send out - the system will figure which carriers to delete from this customers list.

The screen below, a new person walks into your store, gives you his cell number, you can pick his carrier from the buttons or if his carrier is not one of the buttons, select it from the Pick From Carriers button.

Please NOTE: Our new version also has a completely new email functionality built in that matches the screens above and below. So now you can Email or Text your customers with the same easy screens.

You now have the option of just adding this customer to your Texting List or to actually sign him up as a customer in your customer file, see screen further down on the customer entry screen.

Signing up a new customer into your customer file

The above are just a few of our key screens.

Another feature that you may like is the ability to text some or all of your employees.

Keep Watching this site for more information.


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