Restaurant and Tips Mode

If you own a retail establishment and you also have a coffee shop, sandwich shop or other type of food service, the Rocket Point of Sale Restaurant and Tips mode is for you. This is built into the standard Rocket Point of Sale and allows you to do Dining as well as use the Point of Sale Retail features in your store. This feature is perfect for Book Stores, Golf Clubs, small restaurants, bars and other like businesses.


 Happy Hour – As a default the CASH customer purchase level is set to A. If you enter two different times into the Happy Hour fields, during the time span entered, the CASH customer will be charged B pricing. Use the 24 hour clock (military time). 5:00 PM would be entered 17:00. To turn this feature off, set both times to the same time. This option only works with the Pro-Invoice screen.

Restaurant and Tips Mode

Using Mercury Payment systems and the Pro-Invoice screen, you can use this Point of Sale in many restaurants and Fine Dining establishments. This will allow you pre-approve credit cards and then later add the server’s Tip to the bill. Go to File | System Defaults | Credit Card Setup | Mercury | Account Setup to access this feature.

Within the Mercury Credit Card setup screen, make sure to check the field Turn On Restaurant / Tips Mode as shown above.

Within the Salesperson screen, select the Pro-Invoice screen as the default sales screen. Go to File | Sales People | Sales People | Security Rights | Sales to access this feature.

You may also want to set the invoice screen to immediately cause a new clerk to sign in before each sale. Go to File | System Defaults | Stations | Misc. Option to set this feature.

Clerk Sign On Screen

The above screen will allow a new clerk to sign into the invoicing screen between sales.

For speed and accuracy, you can create a barcode for each clerk with their User Code and password built into it. This can then be stuck on to a plastic ID card. The user code should be four characters and the password of the proper length. By making the user code four characters (even if the last character needs to be a blank character), it will cause the scanned barcode to jump into the password field. When the barcode is scanned (use a wedge type scanner) the clerk is immediately put into the sales screen.

In Restaurant / Tips mode you can only sell to the pre-defined Default customer account. This does NOT mean other stations cannot be setup to sell to different customers. The Default customer account tracks each table and the state each table is currently in.

Once an Invoice / Ticket is started, the below screen will open and ask for what table is being served. Enter in the table number and then click Table. The Pro-Invoice screen will now open, see below.

The Bar button is different to the Table button in that the Bar button will do table 000 as a default. By using the Bar button; it is assumed that you will be processing the credit card immediately after entering the order into the Pro-Invoice screen.

The Table button allows you to do an order and keep adding to it at different times until the customer is ready to pay their bill. See second picture below.

Table Number Screen

If using the Table button, you will now be prompted with the option of Save or Process. Save will send the order to the Kitchen printer and start a ticket for you. By saving a ticket, if you enter the same table number again in the above screen, the ticket will reopen so you can add more items to the ticket. Notice also that the Table number is shown on the bottom of the Pro-Invoice screen. Items on the ticket will print once in the kitchen. Even if you pull a ticket up to add items, the Point of Sale is smart enough to know not to send the same items to the kitchen again.

In the above screen, the BS button works like the Back Space button on your keyboard. The Clear button will clear or blank the table number field in case a wrong entry is made.

From Pro-Invoice Screen

Once the ticket is saved, you will be taken back to the Table Number screen. You can now enter a new table or any existing table with an open ticket. If a table has been closed and a credit card has been pre-approved but not finalized, entering the same table number will bring up the credit card finalization screen.

Note: Even though one button is flagged as Bar, if you have bar customers running a tab, give their chair a table number and treat them just like a table until they are ready to settle their tab.

If the Process button is pressed at the Pro-Invoice screen, the below Tendering screen will open. This screen allows you to Pre-Approve credit cards so that you may enter your tip after presenting the bill to the customer.

Restaurant / Tips Tendering Screen

Once you click on the CC Pre-App button, the below screen opens up. Scan your credit card as normally.

You may want to set the Point of Sale to default to Credit Card when entering the Restaurant /Tips tender screen. This is done by going to File | System Defaults | Stations | Misc. Options. This default can be overridden by clicking on any of the other tendering buttons.

Once the card is approved, the Point of Sale will return to the Tendering screen so you may print out the receipt for the customer. You will notice the approval number returned by Mercury Processing appears on the credit card button now.

If an error or disapproved card was presented, a message would have been show to you in a pop-up window. If this is the case, click the Return to Sales Screen button and save the ticket until you can get further monies from your customer.

Once you have tendered a credit card you will be sent back to the Table Number Screen as shown below. Notice it now has a button called Finalize Last Ticket. This will allow you to add your Tip and close out the ticket with Mercury Processing. If the ticket is not closed out, the money will NOT show up in your bank account. Selecting any button other than the Finalize Last Ticket button will make the Finalize Last Ticket button disappear. To finalize the credit card, re-enter the same table number to bring up the finalization screen. You will NOT be able to enter items to the same table until the previous credit card associated with it is finalized.

The below screen opens when the My Opens or All Opens button is selected from the above screen. This allows the waiter to quickly select which table or customer is adding to their tab. My Opens will only show those tables currently being work on by the waiter signed on.

The OPENS and POST buttons below will filter so only the appropriate lines are shown.

By clicking the Finalize Last Ticket, the below screen will open up. This new screen shows the information about the credit card processing that is relevant to this sale.

Enter your tip amount. Your tip amount and the Ticket amount cannot exceed the Pre-Approved amount. If it exceeds the Pre-Approved amount a red warning will appear and the final Process button will disappear until you have corrected the problem.

All tips show in the appropriate various reports throughout the Point of Sale. There is also a report for listing any invoice that had a problem finalizing a credit card. There is also a report for any credit card that may have been missed and needs to be finalized.

To exit the Pro-Invoice screen, click the Bar button above and then click the Cancel and Exit this Screen button found on the Pro-Invoice screen.


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