Effective Immediately - Dotdude.com, Inc. will only give dealer pricing to those dealers with a mention or link about our Point of Sale on their Website and that they, are in fact, an authorized reseller of our Point of Sale. We are having too many people claiming to be dealers and they are not. The only way we can PROTECT OUR DEALERS and to combat these bogus orders is to see our products mentioned on your website. No exceptions - We do NOT sell to End Users. Also, If you have not purchased a Point of Sale from us in the last three months, you are no longer considered an active dealer with access to the dealer pages and you should contact us by email to be re-established as an active dealer.

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Protecting Our Dealers

If you are a dealer, please E-mail us for the Dealer Password. Mention your website in your e-mail so we can verify our requirements for dealer authorization. Thank You.